To talk about the beginnings of my photography journey, I have to start by mentioning Pixeles: my beloved photography column at the University of Informatics Sciences in Cuba.

I ran Pixeles for five years.

Every week, I would post my favorite images of other photographers or my own. I loved having a personal space to teach others so they could learn about photography. During that time, I learned a lot by following inspiring photographers from all over the world.

I would also document university events for our newspaper and the life around me.

It was the origin of my portrait photographer career, so I honor my beginning with this journal.

If you want to learn about branding photography, family photography tips, or see more of my work, come back every week for more.... and if you need a photographer, just let me know here.

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Odette Photo+Art is a Miami Portrait Photographer, specializing in family photography, headshots, and personal branding.