Happy 6th Anniversary, ODETTE PHOTO+ART!

Today, I celebrate the 6th anniversary of Odette Photo+Art, my photography baby born a day like today in 2017.

It all began six years ago.

I didn't want to merely capture moments but freeze time, making people immortal through my lens.

One of my best friends told me once: "Take one good picture a day".

Wise words and the beginning of my journey.

I started as a family photographer and photographed my friends' children on the weekends before my hobby turned into a real business. Then, I added branding in 2020 because I want to document your family, but I also want to help you grow your brand and build your legacy.

In 2020, I also added photo restoration and colorization to my photography services: a passion project turned pillar.

My goal is to transform fleeting moments into everlasting memories, and to master the art of immortalizing moments and people through the magic of photography.

For me, it's about encapsulating emotions, preserving joy, and making the ordinary extraordinary. With every click of Athena, my camera, we craft photographs that transcend the boundaries of time, making them more than snapshots but rather a glimpse into eternity.

Those portraits will outlive us. They are part of your legacy, and mine.

As I celebrate OPA's sixth anniversary, it's humbling to see how Odette Photo+Art has grown. What started as a dream in 2017 has become a thriving business that continues to make people immortal through the magic of photography.... so I want to say thank you to each one of you.

If I have ever photographed you or restored your family heirlooms, know that we have an unbreakable bond that will last forever.

I love you.

I am thankful for you.

PS- These were my first model... then vs now.