Capturing Your Family Memories

Life is fleeting, and time is ruthless.

Moments are gone. Forever.

And then, our brain is tricky. It is a fact that we shape memories with our emotions. But photography gives you the opportunity to keep them: yours to relive and reminisce.

If you want to freeze time, book a session with me. Just savor the moment and let me immortalize who you are today. Let me document the real 'you' and give you the gift of memories.

After all, what really matters is the lives we touch and the legacy we leave behind.

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“Don’t shoot what it looks like.
Shoot what it feels like.”

Creating Your Brand Story

They say a photograph is worth a thousand words. For your business, it's worth a lot more.

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners face is creating a compelling personal brand. Odette Photo+Art will help you forge that irresistible brand through imagery, which will attract your ideal clients and result in more business and higher profits.

The most valuable asset of your business is YOU.

If you are ready, let's build your StoryBrand.

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“When you take a photograph of someone, you take a portrait of their soul.”

I'm Odette.

Portrait Photographer. Storyteller. Wanderluster. Dreamer. Doer.

Plain and simple: I want to take your favorite portrait of yourself, of the people you love. My goal in life is to inspire and be inspired every single day by creating timeless memories and heirlooms you will treasure forever.

That's my Why. That's my purpose.

I have a soft spot for documenting realness. I believe even the little moments must be photographed—no posing, just life: raw and authentic. With a fine art approach to family photography and personal branding, I focus on real connections and emotions for an unforgettable portrait experience.

I would love to photograph you and become best friends in the process. I am located in Miami, Florida, but I have a severe case of wanderlust! So, I will travel anywhere for you.

If you think we are a good match, let's make art to remember. Let's create extraordinary memories together. I'm going to make sure it's the best portrait experience EVER!

It is going to be epic.

Photographer laughing and holding a camera

Odette Photo+Art

Miami portrait photographer specialized in family photography, and personal branding.