Visuals, especially photos, play a significant role in any successful marketing campaign. Photography establishes your credibility by conveying messages that words alone cannot. For instance, you can show your company's personality and values through professional brand photography. 

Images of all kinds are crucial for marketing as they offer a way to attract and create a sense of trust with your potential customers. Knowing how tough the competition is on social media, learning how to leverage photography for your marketing campaigns is essential. But there's nothing to worry about because we've got you covered. 

This blog will give you a few tips and strategies for creating product images and marketing your business through product photography. Let's get you started!

Create A Thorough Plan 

Creating a thorough plan is crucial. Start with your purpose, and this will be your guide on how your pictures will turn out.

Every site may have different photo requirements to boost your traffic. For instance, where would you be able to use the photos? Is it on your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest Business? Will they be used for your blogs and content in an employee advocacy platform

This is also where you decide the type of photo you'll use, the shoot location, models, design, props, and the overall expenses to achieve your desired image. 

Follow Some Photography Best Practices

Once you've made a plan, it's time to implement it. Below are some things you need to do if you're going to take marketing photos on your own.

Align Your Photos With Your Brand 

Your brand may already have an identity that makes you stand out. So, it's essential to stick with that. You want to ensure to keep your photos consistent when it comes to lighting, background, scales, and color palette. Make your own aesthetic that can separate you from other brands. That way, you'll have an edge and stand out. But also, know that your logo or business signage can affect your marketing campaign.

Use Proper Lighting 

Lighting will affect the overall quality of your image. You wouldn't want it too bright or dim because it would ruin the aesthetic. There are two types of lighting you can use: natural and artificial. 

When aiming for lifestyle photos, it would be best to use natural lighting. Get outside and shoot under the sun or in a room where sunlight comes in. That way, you'll get more realistic with your lifestyle photos. On the other hand, use artificial lighting for studio shoots.

Use a Tripod 

Using a tripod also helps. It can help you take pictures hand-free and avoid the blurry ones that happen, especially if you're already tired from hours of the shoot. A tripod can also help properly level the camera and the object, getting just the right angle for the picture.

Use Grid Lines

Along with the tripod, make it a habit to use grid lines and follow the rule of thirds. This rule notes that you must place your subject at one of the four points where the lines intersect. It is a principle that divides a scene into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, creating nine sections within the image that you can use to compose the main elements of the scene. This will create a more visually appealing and balanced composition.

Take Multiple shots from Various Angles

Most of the time, you'll probably have a preferred angle in mind when shooting for your marketing campaign. However, exploring and taking multiple shots from various angles is always best. You'll be surprised by the results, which can change your initial planned angle.

Edit! Edit! Edit!

Adjust the lighting, and the white balance, remove flaws, crop the photo, or change the background. Make sure that everything is well-polished before you use them to advertise.

Make use of User-Generated Photography

If your customers like your products or services, they may post pictures about them. And with their permission, you can share their stories and show others how people value your products and services. These organic user-generated photographs build trust and credibility with prospects who are hesitant to buy, increasing your chance of sales.

Optimize Photos For SEO

Finally, it's always worth considering SEO when using photos in your marketing campaigns. You can downsize your market photos to make your webpage load faster. That way, you won't deter potential buyers. Also, use keywords and alternative texts to name your files, as they contribute to your ranking on search engines. 

Start Marketing Your Business Through Photography

Visuals are really important to any advertisement and campaign. With our tips and strategies in mind, you can effectively utilize photography for all your marketing initiatives. But if you need more help with product and brand photography, you can contact me here.

Written by: Chatty Garrate

Featured brand: Print Consciously

Model: Gozde Oztoprak from Lune Creatives

Product Photography by Odette Photo+Art