Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.

Michael J. Fox

The family portraits you will love.

Odette Photo+Art is a family portrait photography service based in Miami, Florida.

My artistic journey started with me documenting my friends' families. It is how it all began and I love creating memories that will be treasured. If you want THE photography experience every member of the family is going to enjoy, love, and cherish forever, I would love to be your photographer.

Let's capture all the real moments that you never want to forget, the ones that matter the most: the intimacy, the love, and even the tears. The messier the hair, the better. The wider the smile, the better. Embrace the chaos. Laugh with the kids. Tickle them. Kiss. Hug. Cuddle. Get ready for a lot of fun, and laughter, and cuddles, and adventures with your favorite people.

I am going to make sure it is the best portrait experience EVER!

It is going to be epic!

We know that 'when you have the best, you can’t have the rest' 😍 so Odette is now the official photographer of Casa Prada.

The Prada Family

Maternity Portrait Session in Louisville, KY

pregnant mother on a river

Your work is unique with a hint of nostalgia. Let's do it!


Miami Beach Maternity Session

pregnant woman dancing with her husband on the beach
couple kissing on the beach
couple laughing and walking on the beach
couple kissing
maternity photo with the sun shining on the future mother's belly
maternity portrait

I was 7 months pregnant. We didn’t know what to do or how to act in front of the camera. We were nervous but Odette made every pose smooth and easy to follow. She made us laugh and feel relaxed. Suddenly, out of the blue, we were just having a good time.
The results were incredible! One of a kind!


Outdoor Maternity Session in Davie

Hands. Th family touches a pregnant belly for good luck.

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Lifestyle Family Portrait Session

She is more than a photographer.
From the beginning, she offered endless support, advice, and guidance. On the day itself, we felt so relaxed. It was like having an old friend at home. Her kindness and patience with children make the difference.

Lilian, Mom

'Mommy and Me' Portrait Session in Cuba

Little mermaid and her mother

Her photos have a soul of their own and speak the language of the heart.

Rosalina ibarra

Dream Destination Family Session on Delray


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The most important moments in life will not be forgotten if you document them. I am beyond happy with how our family pictures have turned out over the years thanks to Odette. She truly does know how to capture the most precious moments.

Delmis Perez

'Mommy and Me' Portrait Session on Delray Beach

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What I love the most about her photography is how natural and real her pictures are, and how magical and alive they are at the same time.

Jane Banes

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Daniela Medina

Daniela Medina

I usually struggle to find pictures that I like of myself. Her pictures really are very different from poses, and the backgrounds are usually taken in a very unique angle that give it her special touch!! Odette has such amazing talent that she was able to get us in a very natural moment and turn it into gorgeous family pictures that we will always treasure!!!!

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Odette Photo+Art is a Miami Portrait Photographer, specializing in family photography, headshots, and personal branding.