I have been a portrait photographer for six+ years and have enjoyed every moment. My forte is brand photography, and I have worked with very successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. In addition to personal brand photography, I also offer photo restoration services.

Four years ago, I started doing photo restorations when a friend asked me to restore her grandmother’s photos, which were the only ones the family had of her. That experience sparked my passion for restoring family heirlooms. I take pride in my work, which is more than just a job: it is a meaningful artistic journey. I am committed to preserving people’s memories and the stories behind them. Some of the photos I have restored were taken more than a hundred years ago. What an honor to bring them back to life!

As a professional photographer, I want to help you capture your life’s precious moments and preserve your memories. I approach photo restoration with exceptional attention to detail and love. I guarantee a quick turnaround and 100% satisfaction.

It’s all about legacy, and I am here to help you preserve yours.

Enjoy some of my favorite photo restorations from 2023.

Photo Restoration Client Testimonial

"You’re a lifesaver or at least a memory saver. Thank you for restoring my grandmother’s childhood family photo. The photo is over 100 years old. You can see that the value is priceless. I am very grateful to have found you and that your talent exists."

  • Maria Teijelo

Photo Restoration Client Testimonial

"Odette put her professional touch and love into the restoration, showcasing a level of dedication that truly sets this company apart. The result was not just a restored portrait but a masterpiece that captured the essence of the original.

I'm grateful for the exceptional work and the joy it brought to my wife.

This company exceeded my expectations with a quick turnaround and exceptional attention to detail. The restored portrait was ready ahead of schedule, allowing me to present it to my wife as a heartfelt Christmas gift. Truly impressed with their dedication and skill.

Highly recommend!"

  • Chris Rodriguez

Photo Restoration Client Testimonial

"I wanted to give my Dad a Christmas surprise!

It is the only picture he has with his mother, father, and his two brothers. It is from 1940. The original picture is an extremely small size, with bad-quality pixels. When I arrived to deliver the original to Odette she was doubtful. We thought it wouldn't be possible to make the restoration, but Odette did her magic!

The final product was beyond belief. We both were astonished and couldn't hide our euphoric emotions, neither my father when he received the gift.

I would be perpetually grateful to Odette!

If you or someone you know are looking to make a photo restoration! Do not look any further. Just contact Odette."

Alina parrondo

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