When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.


Photos are a tangible reminder of our lives. They capture our essence and tell the story of our family. Unfortunately, over time, these precious photos may fade or get damaged by water, stains, and humidity, making preserving the stories they tell difficult.

Fortunately,  I'm here to help.

Four years ago, a friend asked me to restore the only photos she had of her grandmother, and that's when I discovered my unwavering passion for restoring family heirlooms. For me, this is a deeply meaningful artistic journey. I care about the photos I restore, the people in them, and their stories.

As a professional photographer, I want to help you document your life, but I also want to preserve your memories.

It's all about your legacy.

Experience the Photo Restoration Magic

Your family's history and legacy are worth investing in.

Why choose me to restore your priceless family photos?

You should choose me as your photo restoration expert because I pour my heart into every photo restoration project. I restore old photos with love and exceptional attention to detail, and I also provide a quick turnaround and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I take great pride in restoring your vintage, old, and damaged family heirlooms. Restoring them is not just a job; it's my passion. I understand how much these images mean to you, and I would be honored to help you preserve them for future generations. 

Recent Photo Restoration Work

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3 Easy Steps To Restore Your Photos

Photo restoration services start at $150.

Free Consultation

& Photo Evaluation

Your cherished memories are precious and deserve to be preserved. That's why I offer a complimentary photo assessment service to help you discover the potential of your damaged photos.

Get a free personalized quote after sharing your photo scans securely via email (or in person if you live in Miami, Florida.)

Photo Restoration Magic

Each photo is hand-edited by me to give it a fresh look as if it was taken just yesterday. I use different Photoshop/AI techniques to repair physical damage and enhance the image, resulting in a natural appearance.

You can review and approve the digitally restored version and give feedback.

Photo Restoration Delivery

Experience the joy of receiving your restored memories!

Receive the digital photo restoration and a legacy archival print (up to 8x10) that lasts 100 years in display and 200 years in dark storage.

For every photo restoration, one tree will be planted through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

PRESERVING LEGACIES and Planting trees

Every photo restoration equals one tree planted through our partnership with One Tree Planted.


Odette put her professional touch and love into the restoration, showcasing a level of dedication that truly sets her apart.

The result was not just a restored portrait but a masterpiece that captured the essence of the original.

I'm grateful for the exceptional work and the joy it brought to my wife. This company exceeded my expectations with their quick turnaround and exceptional attention to detail.

Christopher Rodriguez

Photo restoration is an art that demands technical expertise, creativity, and exceptional attention to detail. It involves bringing faded, damaged, or aging photographs back to their original glory. Each photograph holds a piece of history, a fragment of a moment frozen in time. They are priceless.

A skilled photo restoration expert can repair cracks, remove blemishes, adjust colors, and enhance the overall visual appeal while maintaining the authenticity of the original image.

I can repair fading photos, ripped photos, heavily damaged photos, and more.

restoration of an old vintage photo covered in mold

Wedding portrait (Dominican Republic, 1947)

Want to preserve your family history and make old photos of the past come to life?

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Give the best present:

The gift of restored memories.

Photo Restoration Resources

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Photo Restoration + Photo Colorization Services in Miami, Florida

How much is it to restore an image?

Photo Restoration Services Start at $150.

Restoration prices are estimated depending on:

  • Overall damage (e.g., photos with minor scratches vs. significant scratches)
  • Location of the damage (e.g., scratches, stains, or damage on the background vs. on the face)
  • Complexity (e.g. individual portraits vs group portraits)