When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.


Photo restoration is an art that demands technical expertise, creativity, and attention to detail. It involves bringing faded, damaged, or aging photographs back to their original glory. Each photograph holds a piece of history, a fragment of a moment frozen in time.

A skilled photo restoration expert can repair cracks, remove blemishes, adjust colors, and enhance the overall visual appeal while maintaining the authenticity of the original image.

We all have a box full of old images that tell the story of our ancestors. Photos are priceless as they keep memories alive. Imagine losing those valuable heirlooms forever.

My grandparents left this world way too soon, and I think of them every single day.

They were my everything. They helped raise me and make me the woman I am today. For that reason, I have always had a soft spot for grandparents, for the older generations, for the past. To celebrate them, and honor my past and your past, I added photo restoration and photo colorization to my editing services.

Let me preserve your family history and make moments of the past come to life.

You will receive the restored digital version of your portrait AND a legacy archival print that will last 100 years in display and 200 years in dark storage.

Even better, Odette Photo+Art has also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every photo restoration.

One photo restoration equals one tree planted, saving your memories and the planet.

Wedding portrait (San Antonio, TX, 1915)

Photo Restoration by Odette Photo+Art

I can’t thank you enough. You brought life back into an old family photo from 1915 and gave us a piece of our history back. I’m so glad I can share this with the newer generations and preserve a piece of our history. I thank you for taking on this project and for giving me back my Great Grandparents. Thank you!

Julie Suarez
restoration of an old vintage photo covered in mold

Wedding portrait (Dominican Republic, 1947)

I had Odette bring back to life photos of my grandparents on their wedding day. The photos had been in storage and sadly grown mold. It was so bad that most of the photos were unrecognizable. Fortunately, Odette was able to restore these priceless heirlooms.

Odette isn’t talented, she’s magical! She produces museum-quality work and is one of the most professional and passionate individuals to work with.

George Anthony

Portrait of myself as a baby (Russia, 1984)

Photo Restoration Pricing

You receive the restored digital version of your portrait AND a legacy print.

Wall art and additional prints are also available for purchase.

How much is it to restore an image?

Restoration prices are estimated depending on the following:

  • Overall damage (e.g., photos with minor scratches vs. significant scratches)
  • Location of the damage (e.g., scratches, stains, or damage on the background vs. on the face)
  • Complexity (e.g. individual portraits vs group portraits)

1st level - BASIC Technical retouching

From $125

Easy technical retouching, cleaning small spots or scratches or fractures that do not touch the face at all, simple color correction, enhancing sharpness and quality.

2nd level - Difficult Technical/ARTISTIC retouching

From $200

Complex technical retouching, cleaning small spots, scratches, or fractures on the face, body, or little difficult details on the photo. Fixing defects on complicated backgrounds.

Fixing or removing multiple spots, scratches, fractures, or other defects all over the image. Restoring missed parts of the picture.


From $275

Group photographs. Removing multiple spots or scratches or fractures on an image with several faces/bodies.

Restoring ripped/folded photos.

Photo Colorization

ADD $100

Pricing depends on the number of people in the photo (e.g., a single portrait vs. a group of people)

Low-resolution files will not be accepted.

PRESERVING LEGACIES and Planting trees

Every photo restoration equals one tree planted through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

About Photo Restorations

These pictures are over 70 years old! Truly, what you did, was beyond my expectations! My mom was so happy when she saw them! Thank you a million times! ❤️

Katy Delmau

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