I'm Odette.

Portrait Photographer.

Business Brand Creator.

Serial Entrepreneur.

Kickass Storyteller.




I'm a family photographer turned brand photographer. 

My passion is creating photographs that show people's true selves in a timeless, authentic, and storytelling way.

Having worked with 150+ brands and businesses, I LOVE helping entrepreneurs and business owners thrive.

We all rise by lifting others. 

As an ambivert, I used to hide behind the camera.

However, I needed a professional headshot when I started my business, so I hired a photographer. I also wanted to be in front of the camera to understand my clients better.

The photos were fine, but the experience could have been more fun. It felt awkward and overly staged.

I knew right then the kind of experience I did not want to provide for my clients.

The truth is most people hate being photographed.

They think they are not photogenic or don't like being in photos. However, everyone deserves professional images of themselves that they love and treasure.

For photographs to be authentic and genuine, the experience should be fun and stress-free so people can be their true selves. 

That's precisely the type of portrait experience I create.

Custom-crafted for every person, I pour my heart into every session.

I give you full permission to come as you are.

Be yourself, 

let your hair down, 

drink wine and dance,

or do whatever makes you happy.

I promise you'll have a great time; the great photos will be the cherry on top.

I will craft an exceptional portrait experience that you will remember forever, and we will create images that go beyond traditional portraits and evoke genuine emotion.

You will look and feel gorgeous and confident in front of the camera so you can discover your unique self.

How does that sound?

I'll go first.

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Family portraits

My family through my lens

Ready to make magic and become a work of art?

If you think we are a good match, let's make art to remember.

Let's create extraordinary memories together.

I'm going to make sure it's the best portrait experience EVER!

It is going to be transformational.

Odette Photo+Art is a Miami Portrait Photographer, specializing in headshots, and personal branding.