How do you choose the right family photographer for you?


Sure, cellphones take great images today, but most of those photos live somewhere in the digital space. 


Professional family photos are a way to document life so you are not always behind the camera, Mom.

You welcome a stranger into your house and you share the most precious moments with your family. You have fun and you get the most incredible images.

Some day, long after you are gone, those photographs will be priceless for your children. They will treasure them.


They will transcend you.


As the holidays approach at lighting speed, you might be already looking for the right photographer for your portrait session. Even when 2020 has been a trying year, you will want to document it. Life changes. Children grow. 


However, there are many photographers. It can be challenging to choose the one that is right for you.


Finding the Right Family Photographer For You


A good family photographer will understand light, composition, posing, editing, and retouching. Most importantly, s/he will also provide an incredible experience during the shoot. S/he will help you prepare for the shoot and relax to ensure high-quality photos and an enjoyable family portrait session. S/he will spend time getting to know you, and make sure each final image is perfect.

Me photographing Maria Jose. Drawing by Maria Jose

Poem by Maria Jose.

Asking the Right Questions

to Your Potential Family Portrait Photographer


First, discover the style of photography you love: light and airy vs moody, posed vs natural, etc.


When you decide the photographic style you like, search for a family photographer near you. Use Google, social media, Facebook groups, and referrals to find available photographers.


Then, take time to ask the right questions before hiring the right photographer. 


Some general questions you could ask:


  • What style does the photographer specialize in?


  • Is the photographer insured, and do they provide a contract?


  • How much will it cost?


  • What is the duration of the session?


  • Are prints included?


  • How will the photographer help you prepare for the photoshoot?


  • Does the photographer have patience with children?


  • Is retouching and color balancing included? How much retouching will the photographer do?


  • How long will you wait to view and receive your photographs?


You will get a better idea about the style and personality of the photographer to find out if you are a perfect fit. Chemistry is important in a family portrait photography session. Trust me. It shows when the vibe is right. 

Deciding your photography budget


While choosing the right photographer, expertise and session experience will be the most significant factors in pricing.


There are different types of family portrait photographers:


  • Department store photo services, like JCPenney.


  • New photographers who want to build their portfolio.



  • Professional portrait studios.


Pricing varies. In general, professional photographers charge an average of $300 to $1500 a session.

"All you need is Love and Photos" Drawing by Vero

Booking Your Family Photographer in Advance

Consider your timeline when you have to book. You should contact your family photographer four months in advance to ensure a smooth booking experience. 


Figure out the photography style you like, the available family photographers near you, your budget and your timeline. Booking the right family photographer might seem like a very difficult task, but it's not. Following these suggestions. you will soon have memories you can cherish forever, and maybe you will find your family photographer forever, and a friend. Choose the one that feels right.

Best luck during your search.

And if check my work and you love it, feel free to slide into my DMs.

I would love to photograph you and your family.

Just be warned: I am a professional auntie and kids love me.

Drawing by my favorite boys

Drawing by my favorite boys