Last year, I held a contest to celebrate my photography birthday.

Lis and Briam won.

It was just meant to be.

You might be wondering why, but exactly on the same day I found my purpose, Lisseth found her love! Yes, their relationship started on the same day Photography and I started our affair: November 5th, 2017. It was only fitting that they won my contest for a portrait session.... and it was everything we envisioned... and then, some!

We laughed.

We cried.

We had a blast!

And now, seven months later, we did it again!

This time, we got together to make magic for Luca.

We laughed.

We melted. It was that hot.

We had a blast!

And the thing is: we can't wait for you, Luca!

You are already so loved.

Your whole family is counting the days!

Lis & Briam Engagement Portraits

Maternity Portraits

"After every storm, there is a rainbow of hope"

"First came love, then came you."

expecting mother in front of a tree
Pregnant woman with the sun behind

the best is yet to come...