Brand photography made me fall in love with it since I started my journey as a professional brand photographer.

Helping small business owners create a brand that reflects their unique identity and values while increasing their revenue fills me with joy. If I photograph you, I am invested 1000% in you and your business, and I want to see you thrive.

It's an extraordinary bond.

Bringing personal brands to life makes all the difference for a business. Numbers don't lie.

Brand photography can help you create a cohesive visual identity, increase brand recognition, and build a connection with your audience. It can also help you stand out and develop a distinct and memorable brand.

In 2022, I

  • helped business owners successfully brand themselves and their businesses, increasing visibility and attracting new clients.
  • photographed the cover of the Risk and Insurance Magazine for their Jan/Feb issue.
  • was interviewed twice by Marilyn Solanke Napoleon for the In-finite Light Zone podcast interviews on Inspiration and Legacy.
  • donated to plant 100+ trees worldwide through my partnership with One Tree Planted.
  • read many books about business and self-improvement to provide better service every day (and I will be sharing all I have learned here)

For 2023, legacy is my focus, and there are exciting projects and portrait campaigns, but today I want to spotlight some inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners I photographed this year.

This blog also features Limitless, my portrait campaign for women in business.