Yunett, you do things with passion, and it shows. You love making people feel and look beautiful and that's priceless.

Around you, love is definitely in the "hair".

Today is your birthday and I celebrate you. The world is actually a better place because you exist...

Thank you for being such a great best friend,

for always being there for me,

for sharing your family with me,

for all the yummy food, and for cooking the best lamb,

for making me look beautiful,

for modeling for me when I am shooting product photography.

for always listening to my problems and my dreams,

for caring for me,

for always checking on me,

for being you,

Thank you for being such an important part of my life... and an indivisible piece for LIMITLESS, our portrait campaign for women in business. That's why, today, you are in the spotlight:

Best hairstylist, best makeup artist, and best friend... all the awards go to you!

Keep on dreaming.

Keep on fighting.

Great things are coming your way because you deserve it.

You, my friend, are a galaxy!

Happy Birthday!

Best friends and business partners!

I am so thankful for you!