LIMITLESS is my new portrait campaign that celebrates the power of women in business. My dream is to photograph 35 women as a way to celebrate their stories as women and business owners.

Today's Spotlight is for Suraia Patricia, from Suraia Patricia Interiors. She found me on Instagram and hired me to document her beautiful work. Immediately, I knew I wanted Suraia to be part of my 35 Over 35

When you work with Suraia Patricia Interior, you get more than flawless interior design, you get to work with people who really care about you and about your vision.

I absolutely love their energy and the freshness of their creations.

If you want to live and work in a place you love, make sure you hire her services.

Her energy, her charm, her joy... Suraia is pure sunshine... and wouldn't you want your space filled with sunshine?

I know I do.

You are LIMITLESS, Suraia!

Happy Birthday!

Tell us about yourself? What's the story behind you and your business? *

As an entrepreneur, I have had the honor and privilege of serving women through Fashion & Beauty. There is nothing more exciting than to witness the transformation of a space and the lives connected to that space. Interior Design has been a consistent component of all my career endeavors. Whether it was for my Fashion Boutique or the blissful Mystica Day Spa, my love and natural talents for design created engaging and inviting atmospheres.

Married to my best friend and mother of 2 wonderful teenagers, I know firsthand the importance of creating a home space that feels blissful as well as beautiful. To me, the kitchen is the heart of the home as that is where we nourish bodies as well as souls. While living in New Jersey, we bought and full renovated our home to reflect this important value. Our children always felt excited to invite their friends to their home as it was place where everyone was accepted and cared for with kindness and our shared sense of fun! Because of my upbringing and life experiences, I truly enjoy listening & learning from my clients to make sure that every project matches the vision.

If you were to define your business in one sentence, how would you do it?

Elevating how you live & love your home

What makes your offer unique?

Born & raised in Angola to multicultural parents, I grew up with deep roots in Africa as well as Portugal. I had the unique experiences of traveling to many countries at a young age that expanded my love and appreciation of people and cultures. My mother & grandmother both instilled in me the importance of a free spirit and the gift of courage to live my life fully and to give generously.

What future projects does your business have?

Living in Miami now, I am renovating yet another family home for this chapter of our lives. As you can see, creating designs and transforming spaces is a personal as well as a professional passion. I am super excited to start a project with new clients. They are a couple, both of them entrepreneurs who have a lot of design knowledge.

Do you have any advice for women who want to start a business?

Learn how to trust yourself more and that will completely change your life.

What's your favorite quote?

"Time is not refundable, use it with intention."

Why did you want to participate in this portrait campaign?

Odette is such of inspiring person. I love the idea of being empowered and empowering other women.

What are you personally hoping to gain from this experience?

I hope to translate the love of design into people's life. I am creating luxe experiences with great passion embracing the vision of my clients through design that feels highly creative. My mission is to elevate and transform welcoming, inviting, functional and stylish spaces. I want them to enjoy the process of making their dreams homes a reality.

To contact Suraia Patricia

Facebook @suraiapatriciainteriors

Instagram @suraiapatriciainteriors


Working with Odette is such an amazing experience. She has such a friendly and warm personality which makes you feel very welcoming the entire time!!
Odette photographed my favorite portrait ever!
She has an incredible eye for photography.
I will highly recommend her!!


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