I firmly believe that we rise by lifting others.

It's my life mantra.

It's my business mantra.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that my art is helping other businesses thrive. That's why I branched out from family portraits and added branding photography to my services.

Branding sessions are more than headshots. They show why you do what you do.... and there is so much passion in small businesses! They show the real soul of the people behind the business.

My latest branding experience was a session for Provintners, a women-owned local business that empowers wine growers in a new selling season.

Branding Session for Provintners

I met Carolyn Corey, founder and CEO of Provintners, through our mutual best friend Lizz, from Fisher Vineyards.

It was my absolute pleasure when she contacted me for a branding session.

ProVintners’ mission is to empower winegrowers in the wholesale process. They have created a simpler process of wine delivery that provides a financial balance and greater profit potential that offers reduced distributor margins, affordable shipping options and convenient storage solutions for winemakers.

We wanted to create more than headshots: a whole branding photoshoot for such an inspiring startup! Of course, we took some more traditional headshots, but we also photographed the "secret sauce": the deep connection, great friendship, and incredible work ethics of Carolyn Corey and Rebecca Perry!

That's what makes working with Provintners such a great experience.

Love seeing the images we created on your website! These are the inspiring images of entrepreneurship.

Thank you so much for the opportunity, Carolyn and Rebecca.

Excited to witness your entrepreneurial journey!

Provintners' Contact Info:

Email: connect@provintners.com

Website: www.provintners.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/provintners/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/provintners


For any business looking to amplify your social media, website, printed or other marketing content, Odette Photo + Art is a one-stop solution. Odette helped us plan the details of our session to make sure we got the most out our of session which also ensured a fun and productive experience. She made us feel comfortable throughout the shoot and her creative vision produced images that reflected the best in our personalities and products. Highly recommend!

(Carolyn Corey)

Happy client...

Happy life!

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