Welcome to my brand-new blog!

I am bringing Pixeles back!

Pixeles was my photography column at the University of Informatics Sciences when I lived in Havana, Cuba. It was the root of my passion for photography and one of the main reasons I am a photographer today.

To start my photography blog, I want to share my favorite images of my niece and the light of my life.

Ilen Maria es mucha Ilen Maria

Ilen Maria came to this world 4.5 years ago to make it better. Also, for my little sister to share the special part of my heart that was only hers until then. Maybe it's auntie goggles but she sure has made our lives brighter, with her witty words, too big for her, and her quick mind. That kid will go places.

This is just a small selection of my favorite Ilen Maria pictures of 2019.

Photography tip of the day:

When you photograph your children, just let them play and have fun...

Magic will unfold!

You might think you want the posed pictures, but what you will really love in the future is looking back at your old photographs and seeing them exactly as they were. So, let the kids be kids and document life as it is.

Also, pro-tip: take pictures at eye-level!