Very often, life reminds us that we should focus on what matters most.

Family. Friends. Love and human connections.

The rest is all fluff in times like these when a pandemic is making us reconsider our priorities

The coronavirus has put the world on halt. I worry because some people seem not to take it as seriously as they should. Maybe it's because we always think we will not be affected. Until we are, and life changes.

Imagine that, instead of thinking of the virus affecting the whole world, it affects the 10 people closest to you. Eight could just show a really bad case of the flu, but two could develop a serious condition... and ONE of them could die. How do you feel now? Could you choose?

I couldn't.

So, I have decided to self-isolate so I can do my little part in saving the world. If we all do our part, this whole nightmare will end sooner.

Here, 5 things you can do to make the most of your down time (and 5 of my favorite images of Ilen Maria: the joy of my life)

1- Check on your friends.

Connect with your friends - on the phone, or online, or Italian balcony style... you pick! - as often as you can. I would suggest specially checking on your elderly friends. Being isolated can be hard for the soul. None likes to feel lonely and it could affect mental health.

Call 2-3 friends a day to show them love.

Be the reason someone smiles today!

2- Learn a new skill or practice an old one.

Two years ago, I started my photography journey following Youtube tutorials and I have never looked back. Youtube is such an incredible source of wisdom. Painting. Calligraphy. Knitting. Writing. Whatever you want to learn, you can find great information there!

And maybe you haven't played the guitar in forever. Practice and rekindle the love.

3- Read books or listen to podcasts

Revisit your favorite books, or read new ones. If you are anything like me, you have some books you have been meaning to read forever. Well, now it's the time! I am currently reading Building a StoryBrand, by Donald Miller, as I have been trying to improve my marketing and business skills, and I already feel my mind shifting.

And I am rather new to the world of podcasts, but I am quickly becoming a fan.

Totally worth trying.

4- Do yoga

If you can't go outside for a walk or jog, you can do yoga. I love Yoga with Adriene in Youtube. She is incredible! She has some 30 Day yoga journeys that I totally recommend. So good for beginners.

Also, practice mindfulness and meditation.

5- Spring clean

Tackle the drawers. Deep clean the kitchen. Organize your bedroom and, maybe take the time to downsize and Marie Kondo your possessions.

It will definitely keep you busy!


6-Document your life as it is right now.

Even if you feel it's not worth it, this is part of our lifestory now and will be in history books tomorrow.

If you are lucky enough to be quarantined with your family, take this down time to enjoy the little things we are always too in a hurry to notice. Tell your loved ones that you love them. As often as you can, as loud as you can.... and bear hug them.

I feel so blessed that I had the chance to visit my family recently but I wish I could hug them now.

You are my life. You are my everything, and I can't wait to see you again.

Let's #stayhome.

Let's #staysafe and #savelives.