Family is not an important thing.
It’s everything.

(—Michael J.Fox)

Do you want to take better family photos during lockdown?

Today, I am going to share 5 pieces of advice you can follow to take better family photos at home.

True: We don't like being quarantined, but we can try to find beauty in the ordinary.

As I said in my last post, this is part of history now. You will want to document this for when it is a distant memory.

Take this time to slow things down and enjoy your family.

Document your life as a way of embracing the changes that are occurring. In my humble opinion, it will make us appreciate life a little more.

Here, I am going to list the best five pieces of advice I have received (and followed) in these two years.

Girl with an Umbrella in the rain. Children photography

1- Learn the Rules of Composition

Learn the rules of composition, like the rule of thirds.

Use rules like framing, leading lines and negative space to create more interesting images.

Use movement.

Embrace the grain.

Boy playing in the backyard

2- Chase the light.

Light shapes images and adds tone, mood and atmosphere. 

You might use window light for your portraits.

Girl playing

3- Change perspective

Changing perspective is very useful as it gives you different points of view. These come from Esteban Gil himself:

  • get close
  • get far
  • get low
  • get high

The results are going to be amazing.

Children playing in a play house. Children photography

4- Use layers

Plain and simple: shoot through stuff :P

Include foreground and background.

Children playing

5-Shoot every day

This was the best piece of advice I have ever received. A good friend of mine told me to take one good picture a day... and I did not start right away.

I should have. When I started taking pictures and editing consistently, it made a big difference.

Also, final thoughts, if you are photographing your children, just let them be children :D

For more inspiration, follow some of my favorite family photographers.

If you follow these steps and get inspired by these incredible photographers, let me know and show me the results.

Get creative and have a lot of fun! Learn the rules, and then, break them. Even if you think they come out imperfect, they will be perfect mementos of these days and that's priceless.

Can't wait for all the magic you will make.

Stay safe. Stay home. Save lives.

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