Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers are incredible.

We should celebrate you every single day.

Every. Single. Day.


You are all so selfless, so otherworldly in your love for your children and your family.

Today, I celebrate you, Mom!

I also want to celebrate

  • the stepmoms
  • the foster moms
  • the fur-baby moms
  • the ones that have lost their moms
  • the ones that have lost a child
  • the ones that are trying to become moms
  • the aunts

My thoughts are with you today too.

To celebrate, I wanted to share 15 of my favorite Mother's Day portraits taken by me.

And, of course, Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and my Sister.

This is my tribe.

My Mom:

Even when we are far and away, I am so proud of the way you raised us. You managed to raise two strong women and we couldn't be happier.

My sister:

I am incredibly proud of the woman you have become. You have grown up to be such an incredible human being: a great daughter and a great mom, and my best friend.

My niece:

You are a ray of sunshine and a joy to the world. Nothing like your laughter and your shiny eyes to make your aunt's day happier!

Love you!