Happy Anniversary to my soul business!

Odette Photo+Art: The Beginning

Four years ago, my love for photography reignited.

If you have followed my photography journey, you already know.

If you are new to my adventure, then I will tell you the story.

I bought myself a camera for my birthday because it had always been my dream to document memories. The truth is that it just sat in my drawer, collecting dust, for more time than I would like to admit! I used it a couple of times to photograph friends and family, but it was primarily an expensive decoration.

One day, a friend told me to join Looks Like Film, a FB community for photographers, and the insane amount of superb images hit me like a train of inspiration.

I went to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show with a great friend and took the original Julianna (my camera) on a photo safari.

The rest is history.

My life mission became clear. I want to photograph you and help you create the most incredible memories. Someday, those memories will be priceless because they will outlive us.

This is what I was born to do.

November 5th, 2017 - Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Odette Photo+Art: The journey

After that, the real work began.

A friend told me once: take one good photo a day... and boy, that was the best piece of advice ever.

I started a 365 photo project, and it made all the difference. I started photographing my friends' children and spent my nights editing and studying.

It's all about consistent action. Every day, take one small step that will take you closer to your goals.

In January 2020, I was ready to go from hobbyist to business owner and officially became Odette Photo+Art, but then Covid-19 hit.

I could barely work because of the pandemic, but I had plenty of time to study marketing and how to run a profitable photography business and prepare for 2021. I added headshots, personal branding, and product photography. I love helping other businesses grow and elevate their brands because incredible things happen when we help others rise.

Odette Photo+Art: The Present

I am a portrait photographer, a small business owner, an entrepreneur, an image-maker, and I am here to serve you.

My mission is to make the most beautiful portrait you have ever seen of yourself.

I can help you document who you are today so your legacy has more impact.

Being a small business owner is challenging, but it's worth every minute of hard work knowing that I get to pour happiness into people's lives with what I do. It gives me so much joy to photograph people and show them how incredible they are: the way they transform into their most empowered selves in front of my camera means the world to me.

I am so grateful to the friends who became clients, to the clients who became friends, to my family, and to those who have supported me all these years.

My heart is so full of love and gratitude for you all.

I do not take this opportunity for granted and I appreciate you.

I just moved to the beautiful city of Coral Gables. Today, to celebrate my 4th photography anniversary, I am joining the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce to support local businesses, and I just donated to have 100 trees planted by One Tree Planted on behalf of my amazing clients.

100 trees to be planted around the world as part of my partnership with One Tree Planted

Some of my favorite portraits from 2021

Odette Photo+Art is a family portrait and personal branding photographer located in Coral Gables and serving Miami and the surrounding areas. 

Available for bookings at contact@odettephotoart.com, or at 239-600-9019.

I would like you to choose me to be your photographer. I would love to photograph you and your family, and I would love to be your branding photographer and help you build your business.

I invite you to a personal session with me. I want to change the way you see yourself.

I am here for you.

We are just getting started.

*Portrait sessions start at $1500.

*Branding sessions start at $1200.