The new photography trend: webcam sessions!

Being quarantined is hard on everyone.

Photographers were sent home as non-essential businesses and everything came to a halt: bookings, sessions, income... but creativity never sleeps. Really. It amazes me how creative people have become during the lockdown. Creativity just blooms in times of hardship.

Photographers have created new ideas to fuel creativity in times of social distance. We can't go out and shoot BUT... we can use the magic of the Internet to get creative.

Facetime sessions are going viral after Tim Dunk started the trend.

These webcam sessions are a fun experience, and a perfect gateway to art! The images do not produce quality prints but if you want to document life in isolation and get creative, this will be fun. You only need a smartphone! They can be used for family photography, for couple photography... for everything photography!

Last week, I had the opportunity of trying it and LOVED it. Taylor Oakes (2020) was just incredible in this session. Do you feel all the stages of the quarantine there? I just feel all the feels when I look at these.

Let me know what you think about these images, and about this new trend.

Do you love it?

Also, if you want to experience a webcam session, you can book one with me!