Being cheerful and optimistic can be hard in these uncertain times. Coronavirus has changed the way we perceive the world. For me, to be bright, I just need to edit some photos or look at Ilen Maria's photos. They just make me so happy.

I wanted to share some things you can also do to cope with the stress of lockdown.

  1. Prepare for the next morning before bed.
  2. Write down three priorities for the next day.
  3. Break large tasks into smaller tasks.
  4. Use time wisely.
  5. Avoid negative people.
  6. Unclutter your life and your possessions.
  7. Say NO more often.
  8. Simplify mealtimes.
  9. Smile.
  10. Laugh.
  11. Look for the silver linings.
  12. Praise people.
  13. Walk in the rain.
  14. Take a bubble bath.
  15. Drink wine, or coffee, or your favorite beverage.
  16. Believe in yourself.
  17. Be kind to yourself.
  18. Visualize yourself winning.
  19. Have goals.
  20. Say "hello" to a stranger when you walk by.
  21. Ask a friend for a hug.
  22. Practice breathwork.
  23. Read a book.
  24. Buy yourself flowers or a plant.
  25. Put safety first.
  26. Strive for excellence, NOT perfection.
  27. Stretch your limits a little each day.
  28. Look at beautiful photos.
  29. Stand up and stretch.
  30. Have a plan B.
  31. Be responsible for how you feel
  32. Talk less and become a better listener
  33. Embrace your limitations.
  34. Exercise every day.
  35. Take a different route during your walk.
  36. Write a note to a friend who lives far.
  37. Love unconditionally.
  38. Keep a journal.
  39. Have a support network of people, places and things
  40. Get enough sleep
  41. Do something nice for someone else.

Here, some Ilen Maria pictures for a brighter day.