Are you ready to reopen your photography business?

The coronavirus pandemic halted the photography industry but creativity flourished. There were many options: webcam sessions, social distance sessions, front porch sessions. I, for one, have enjoyed the webcam sessions. I am keeping them as one of my services, so I can continue working with incredible people from all around the world in the future.

The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) have established guidelines for photography sessions in a post-covid19 world. The truth is America is reopening businesses but the coronavirus is not going anywhere.

Are we ready for this, or is it too soon?

That's a whole different discussion.

But, whenever you decide to go back to the normal-ish life and open your photography business (or book a photography session), follow all possible safety measures to protect yourself and others.

1- Make sure it is legal to open your photography business according to state and local guidelines. Follow the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) instructions. That way, you will not get in trouble for violating the law.

2- Use personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and gloves when you work with clients. Safety is paramount for both parties.

3- Use no-touch posing methods and a safe distance of six feet. The fact that we are opening the economy does not mean that the infection is gone. Social distancing proved to be useful to slow the spread of the virus so we should continue social distancing.

4- Use proper sanitation, hand washing, cough and sneeze etiquette, use of PPE, and other protective behaviors. This process will not only protect you but also give clients confidence in your professionalism and responsibility.

5- The maximum gathering for a photographic shoot is ten people. That will avoid crowds, and will reduce the risk of transmission.

6- Work by appointment with only one client and immediate family. Allowing more people implies more risk of infection.

7- Check temperature and ask screening questions. Reschedule the session if any family member has a fever exceeding 100.4 degrees. According to the PPA, screening questions could include:

- How are you feeling?

- Have you had a cough or any flu-like or COVID symptoms in the last 14 days?

- Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms during the previous 14 days?

- Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

8- Wash your hands regularly before and after photographic sessions and sanitize your gear.

9- If you own a studio, also sanitize all surfaces (props, chairs, and benches) and schedule one client a day.

10- For more ideas on how to reopen your business safely, check this article.

Final words

Reopening the economy might be necessary right now. But the most important thing is to protect yourself and others when you reopen your business.

As an introvert, I am not sure how I feel about going out there. I have spent quarantine in my cocoon studying and honing my craft so I can provide an even better experience for my clients.

As soon as it's safe, I will be open for business because I really can't wait to be able to photograph you!

Make sure you keep in touch, so you learn about all my new exciting projects!