Happy 15th Birthday, Kmila!

Life has given me the gift of having many nieces and nephews...

Kmila is one of my first nieces, and today she is celebrating her fifteenth birthday.

If you haven't heard about how Cubans (and other cultures) celebrate this milestone, well, the traditions of celebrating quinceaneras go back centuries. Also known as quince años or "quinces", it is a valued tradition that celebrates a young girl's new milestone into adulthood. Unlike the American “Sweet 16” celebration, Quinceaneras are celebrations for when a young woman turns 15 years old.

In Cuba, we celebrate with a portrait session and a party, and the whole family and friends get together for this important date.

These are not the traditional Quinceañera photos because we took these in 2020, but I wanted to celebrate with Kmila today by sharing these portraits of her.

They show your personality and who you are... and what a wonderful woman you are becoming, Kmi!

Proud of you!

Happy Quinceanera!

Kmila and her mom, Dana!