Name: Odette Fernandez Lopez

Company Name: Odette Photo+Art

Photography Specialties: Personal Branding, Family Photography, Headshots

Location: Miami, Florida


Meet Odette, your hype woman, portrait photographer, business brand creator, serial entrepreneur, kickass storyteller, wanderluster, dreamer, and doer, all rolled into one dynamic individual.

With over 150 brands and businesses under her belt, Odette specializes in helping entrepreneurs and business owners build personal brands and document their legacy. She believes in pouring happiness into people’s lives by creating headshots and brand photos that evoke emotions and make lasting impressions.

Odette’s journey began as a family photographer, but her passion for authentic storytelling led her to the world of brand photography. Fuelled by the desire to provide a different kind of photography experience—one that’s fun, relaxed, and intentional—she embarked on a mission to redefine traditional headshots.

As an ambivert who understands the discomfort many feel in front of the camera, Odette aims to make every session enjoyable and stress-free. She believes everyone deserves professional images that they love and treasure and that authenticity shines through when the experience is genuine and fun.

Her personal branding experience starts with getting to know you, your brand, your dreams, and your purpose. From there, she helps you feel confident and comfortable, allowing you to relax and be yourself during the brand portrait session. Together, you’ll create genuine portraits that showcase the real you and tell your unique story.

Odette’s philosophy is simple: “Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.” Her portrait sessions are warm, friendly, and intimate, capturing not just moments but emotions that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Explore Odette’s stunning family photography and company branding photography on her website: Odette Photo+Art

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