Why are we celebrating World Photography Day?

Photography is a medium that has a universal value, transcending the boundaries of language and time. You might consider photography as an art, or just a collection of personal memories, but we could agree on the crucial role played by photography in documenting history.

 The day also celebrates the importance of cameras and photography in our personal lives by documenting memorable lifetime events of our lives on pixels.

Origin of World Photography Day

The origin of the celebration can be traced to 1837 when French Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre invented the daguerreotype, the first-ever photographic process. Two years later in the year 1839, the French Academy of Sciences officially proclaimed to the world the invention of the daguerreotype.

The then-French government is also understood to have bought the patent for the device by paying the inventors and made it freely available for use around the world on August 19, 1839.

From that day, August 19 came to be celebrated as World Photography Day.

Initially, the celebrations focused on the invention and marvel of photography but decades later, the day started getting celebrated to remember the major photographers who made the medium an art through their work and contributions of photography to our lives.

Today, I celebrate photographers, hobbyists, and photo lovers.

Take all the photos.

Some day, they will be priceless.

Photography Memes

Last year, I shared my favorite memories of my photography meetups.

This year, let's see my favorite photography memes!

I'm a photographer. I make people immmortal.

What's your superpower?

Photographers and artists love it when their art is appreciated!

Your photographer will always have your best interest in mind. Walmarts is not the best place to print your priceless memories.

Remember: price is what you pay... value is what you get...

Also, Jason Momoa forever... amirite, ladies?

Trust me: you don't want all the RAWs

IF this isn't every professional photographer I know...

Photography is way more than pushing a button. The magic comes afterwards

Well, thank you. I taught it everything it knows.

Children are amazing!

If you want to book a portrait session, I am definitely available!

Is it?

F-stops explained.

Enter a Heading

Special shoutout to @memefortogs for the inspiration and the laughs