I will never forget the day of February 14th, 2018.

I was talking to my friend. Her kids had given me the cutest Valentine cookies. We heard the sirens and the helicopters, but we did not know what was going on.

Then, the news: active shooter in Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

I lived 5 minutes away from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, where the kids of the community studied.

Some of my friend's kids were there when it all happened.

That day is a nightmare that still haunts me.

And I can only imagine how it was to be there, how it was to be a parent that day.

I went there to document the memorial, and I could barely see through my tears.

To honor the 17 lost lives and the 17 survivors of the Parkland massacre, I am sharing these memorial images and one of the survivors' mother's words.


Three years ago, everything changed. Nothing has been the same. Although time has passed, the pain is still intact. Even if we want to, we will never forget that moment we never imagined living.

Three years ago, 17 lives full of dreams and illusions were turned off. They are angels, but their absence hurts every day.

Three years ago, other 17 lives changed forever. Seventeen lives have struggled to overcome the horror they had to live in their own flesh. They survived, yes, but it has taken unimaginable strength and courage to move on with their lives. Every day, they face their fears and all the physical and emotional consequences of that day.

On the 3rd anniversary of that unforgettable February 14, I want to honor 17 angels in heaven and 17 heroes on Earth.

Let us honor the memory of those who left us.

Let us express admiration for those who survived and, as heroes, must face their memories every day.

Kathy Baez, mother of Ashley Baez, Survivor.