I truly believe everybody deserves beautiful professional images of themselves.

Every single person deserves images they love and treasure.

But the truth is most people hate having their photos taken. They go through life thinking they are not photogenic or that they do not need pictures of themselves.

They think that they don't need to exist in photos, but it might be too late one day.

Fortunately, I can help you by creating timeless portraits of you, heirlooms that will be treasured forever. One day, long after we are gone, your children's children will look at those images, and they will be priceless.

And no worries.

I will make sure you look gorgeous and feel gorgeous and confident in front of the camera so you can discover your unique, fearless self.

I will craft an exceptional portrait experience that you will remember forever, along with images that go beyond traditional portraits and evoke genuine emotion.

This is why I am launching my 35 Over 35 Portrait Campaign for Women in Business.

This is going to be a real celebration of women in business and their stories.

This is also the perfect gift for Mother's Day for the superhero moms out there.

I invite you to a personal call, and we can see how this experience will benefit you, your self-image, and your business.

We will shoot personal branding images and images to fuel your soul.

Be beautifully photographed and empower yourself and your business! Share your story and honor what makes you beautiful and unique. Embrace every freckle, line, and scar no matter your age, shape, or size.

I want you to stand in your own power with body positivity, strength, and courage, so you help other women discover their potential. Impact more people and finally love your portraits.

And you might be wondering about who I am.

I am Odette, a portrait photographer and serial soulpreneur. I want to take the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself to empower you as a business owner and as a woman. 

I want to pour happiness into your life by creating your most beautiful portraits.

How does that sound?

I will go first.