My heart has been heavy with so many emotions.

I have been at a loss for words.

I am, still, at a loss for words.

George Floyd called "Mama". He said " I can't breath" sixteen times while Chauvin took his life without flinching.



The country has gotten more divided every day and I see so much suffering, so much violence, and so much anger drowning the voices that demand change.

Will things ever get better?

Will this ever end?

As a Latin, Hispanic mixed-raced woman, I say No to racism and violence in all its forms.

Gandhi said: "You must be the change you want to see in the world." We must do better as a society, as a country, as individuals. We need to learn how to be empathetic and to love each other. Our children deserve a better world: a world where lives matter.

Black. Lives. Matter.

George Floyd mattered.

Ahmaud Arbery mattered.

Breonna Taylor mattered.

Rayshard Brooks mattered.

And so many others mattered.

To honor them, I am sharing 16 images taken by incredible photographers from all over the world... one for each time George Floyd said "I can't breathe".

Black. Lives. Do. Matter.

Image by Emily Hodge, from Simply Blessings Photography

Image by: Andrew Wallner / @and_rew_and_you

Nine minutes of protestors laying face down, hands behind back. Portland Burnside Bridge. 6/02/2020.

Image by Elizabeth Salazar / / IG @esalaz05

Image by Emilee Rose Meiners, Moments By E. Rose,

Image by: Anonymous

Mary Gracielle Mason / IG raising.masons / FB With love, Gracielle

Mary Gracielle Mason / IG raising.masons / FB With love, Gracielle

Image by Americian Robertson / IG @likea_wild_flower / FB Bless This Moment Photography

Image by Samantha Dell / IG @momentsilluminated / FB Samantha.J.Photography.Faribault

Image by Tricia Victoria / FB triciavictoriaco/ IG @triciavictoriaphoto

Image by Chinelle Rojas / IG @myblackselfproject /

Image by Lola Varga / IG @lifewithlolav