My name is Odette and I am a family photographer.

Nothing makes my heart sing like documenting life.

But sometimes, you get to photograph people you have always dreamt of photographing, and your heart sings a little louder.

My first real session after Covid-19 was last week, and it was incredible!

I met Estrellita and Danilo many years ago. Always thought they were the cutest back in college. Nine magical years ago, they had Danilito.

Thanks to the magic of Facebook, I had the chance to see him grow.

Time flies.

And then, last week, Estrellita told me she wanted me to photograph Danilito.



Oh, yes, I do!

Honestly, even before I knew I wanted to be a photographer, I knew I wanted to photograph them ever since I saw Estrellita's pregnancy series four years ago.

On the day of, the portrait session was everything I dreamed of.

Danilito was so fun and delightful, and we just had the most fabulous time shooting his portraits. He is such a naturally gifted boy!

These images will always be so meaningful to me. It felt so incredibly great to create again.

Loved seeing him play violin. This was just magical!

These two have such a special connection

What a beautiful family you have created, Estre!