Photo Restoration Prices

Photo Restoration

Restoration prices are estimated depending on the following:

  • Overall damage (e.g., photos with minor scratches vs. significant scratches)
  • Location of the damage (e.g., scratches, stains, or damage on the background vs. on the face)

Photo Colorization

Pricing depends on the number of people in the photo (e.g., single portrait, vs. a group of people)

Price List

Restoration estimates will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

1st level - Easy Technical retouching

From 30.00

Easy technical retouching, cleaning small spots or scratches or fractures that do not touch the face, simple color correction, enhancing sharpness, and quality.

2nd level - Difficult Technical retouching

From 60.00

Complex technical retouching, cleaning small spots or scratches or fractures on the face, body, or little difficulty details on the photo. Fixing defects on complicated backgrounds.

3rd level - Difficult Artistic Retouching

From 60.00

Fixing or removing multiple spots, scratches, fractures, or any other defects all over the image. Restoring missed parts of the picture.


From 100.00

Group photographs. Removing multiple spots or scratches or fractures on an image with several faces/bodies. Restoring ripped/folded photos. Coloring group photos or pictures with lots of details.

Low-resolution files will not be accepted.