Family Portraits

Odette Photo+Art is a portrait photography service based in Miami, Florida. I specialize in family photography. My artistic journey started with me documenting my friends' families. It is how it all began and I love creating memories that will be treasured. If you want THE photography experience every member of the family is going to enjoy, love and cherish forever, I would love to be your photographer.

Let's capture all the real moments that you never want to forget, the ones that matter the most: the intimacy, the love, and even the tears. The messier the hair, the better. The wider the smile, the better. Embrace the chaos. Laugh with the kids. Tickle them. Kiss. Hug. Cuddle. Get ready for a lot of fun, and laughter, and cuddles, and adventures with your favorite people.

I am gonna make sure it is the best portrait experience EVER!

It is gonna be epic!

pregnant mother on a river
pregnant woman dancing with her husband on the beach
couple kissing on the beach
couple laughing and walking on the beach
couple kissing
maternity photo with the sun shining on the future mother's belly
maternity portrait
Hands. Th family touches a pregnant belly for good luck.
Expecting mother under a ray of sunshine coming through the leaves.

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.

Michael J. Fox
Little mermaid and her mother
girl playing with bubbles in the kitchen sink
girl eating an apple in her playhouse
brother and sister portrait
interesting perspective of brother and sister on their playhouse
backlit portrait of a girl
mom, daughter and son playing with bubbles in the backyard
brother and sister playing with bubbles in the backyard
girl lifestyle portrait
the feet of kids jumping on a bouncy house
brother and sister playing on a bouncy house
brother and sister playing on a bouncy house
brother and sister having fun on a bouncy house
brother and sister playing on a bouncy house
portrait of a girl
spectacular mother daughter portrait with the mother kissing her daughter's forehead while she is doing a bridge
mother and daughter under a tree, over a lake
mother and daughter dancing and laughing
mother and daughter dancing
mother and daughter hug

Odette Photo+Art

Miami photographer specialized in family and children photography, and personal branding.