Couple Photography

I want to photograph your love.

If you wish to document your story so you can relive the passion over and over again, let me be your third wheel.

Tickle. Kiss. Hug. Cuddle. Have fun with your favorite human.

I will document little moments that will make you fall in love all over again: the intimacy, the love, the laughter, and even the tears. I will capture it all to create photographic memories that you will hold dear.

couple kissing
beautiful girl on a yacht
girl looking at the sun under a beautiful light
couple kissing on a yacht
couple hugging and the boyfriend is looking straight at the camera
couple kissing on the beach
couple hugging
boyfriend's back
couple playing on the beach
couple on the beach with a beautiful sunset
couple kissing and the wind blowing
couple kissing and the wind blowing, from another angle
couple kissing and the wind blowing, in black and white
beautiful couple with their furry friend
girl kissing her dog
closeup of the couple, only showing the eyes
couple walking on the beach
engagement ring
couple on the back of the car
couple dancing
Couple kissing in the fields of Cuba
Couple kissing
closeup of a couple kissing, in Cuba
engagement photos in Cuba
closeup of the couple
Couple laughing
Boyfriend leading the way
silhouette of a couple kissing under a tree
the sun illuminating a couple kissing
Boyfriend kissing his girlfriend's shoulder



“We absolutely loved both her and her work. She captured all the candid moments.
This was exactly what we were looking for. The shoot yielded absolutely beautiful shots that show our love, our personalities and what it feels to be happy and in love. We will treasure them forever, and they made perfect gifts for all our family members.
She is also unbelievably easy to work with. Odette is really kind and friendly and we couldn’t have had a better experience.
I couldn’t recommend Odette more!”

Odette Photo+Art

Miami photographer specialized in family and children photography, and personal branding.