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If you are looking for opportunities to expand your horizons and be featured, Utility Avenue’s Spotlight focuses on promoting inspiring businesses every week. For a chance to be featured, read their guidelines carefully and fill up their questionnaire, or contact them at with the subject Spotlight.

Incredible entrepreneurs, business owners and thought leaders I've worked with.

Evan Carmichael

One of my absolute favorite thought leaders and entrepreneurs. He runs a YouTube channel for entrepreneurs with over 2 million subscribers and 300 million views, wrote 4 books, and speaks globally. His #toptenrulesofsuccess series changed my life. Seriously. He made me #Believe.... and here I am! Thank you, Evan!

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Norge Matos

CEO and President of Utility Avenue, a community marketplace for small business owners and entrepreneurs to advertise and sell their services.

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Collage HairStudio Miami

Best Stylist in Miami.